Ayami Awazuhara —
Personal Website

Ayami Awazuhara (born 1985 in Nagano, Japan) is an artist, chef and writer relocated to Europe in 2006.

This project encompasses the entire process of creating Ayami's new website, unifying her multidisciplinary work, talents, and services.

Team: Edu López de Silanes & Pau Fuertes Vila
Duration: 2 weeks

— UX Research
— UX Design
— Information Architecture
— UI Design
— Prototyping
— Art Direction

The Goal

As a multifaceted artist with a wide range of talents and a presence in diverse creative domains, Ayami expressed her desire to curate and present her multidisciplinary portfolio and services through a comprehensive personal website.

The Challenge

How can we effectively merge and categorize Ayami's diverse body of work in a manner that not only organizes it logically but also reflects her integral personality as a creator? 

The Research

After analizing our client’s online presence and competitors, conducting 3 client interviews and receiving 33 responses in our survey, we have reached the following conclusion:

  • The website should also serve as a comprehensive portfolio.
  • Ayami’s preference to be recognized not just as an artist who can also cook, and vice versa, but as a multidisciplinar creator.
  • The need to establish Wolke as an independent project while integrating it into Ayami’s overall artistic practice.
  • The desire of people to stay informed about both upcoming and past events.
  • The importance of not being related to the food-art concept.

User Personas

Considering the diverse range of Ayami's work and services, we deemed it essential to establish several user profiles specifically designed for individuals interested in our client's main areas of expertise: Art and Gastronomy.

Problem Statements

For each User Persona, we have identified the key challenges faced by individuals within their respective contexts. This overview guides us in determining the issues to address when implementing the appropriate sections and functionalities on the website.


After establishing our brand attributes, we created a moodboard that visually encapsulates the desired ambiance and aesthetic. This moodboard will serve as a source of inspiration for designing our prototype.

  • Professional
  • Unconventional
  • Calm
  • Playful
  • Ambiguous
  • Ephemeral

Information Architecture

After thoughtful deliberation, numerous adjustments, and collaborative discussions with Ayami, we have finalized the site structure.

The main sections and subcontent effectively categorize the diversity of Ayami's work, activities, services, and personal information in a comprehensive manner.

Final Prototype

Ultimately, we opted to create the final prototype with a clear and minimalist approach, prioritizing the enhancement of content over the interface. This design showcases all elements and information in an aseptic and efficient manner.

The website’s navigation is defined by an independent double-sided scroll, which effectively distinguishes between the subcategories of content within each main section.

To delve deeper into the project process, please explore the comprehensive case study article available on Medium.

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