fACT — iOS Native App

An application that presents users with compelling environmental facts and visually captivating data, encouraging social mobilization towards a sustainable society and a forward-looking planet.

Team: Edu López de Silanes & Pau Fuertes Vila
Duration: 2 weeks

— UX Research
— UX Design
— Art Direction
— UI Design
— Prototyping
— Dashboard Design
— Data Visualization

The Brief

Following a comprehensive analysis delivered by a team of data analysts on sustainability and renewable energy, our team assumed the responsibility of harnessing the study and the resulting data to conceive and design an innovative application featuring a dashboard with diverse forms of data visualization.


The Research

During our extensive research on sustainability and data visualization, we stumbled upon the concept of Data Activism, which greatly intrigued us for our mission to address the climate crisis in a bold manner and develop a dashboard featuring impactful graphs and data.

“Data activism typically involves using data and information to advocate for social or political change.

Whether it’s advocating for social justice, promoting transparency in government, or addressing environmental issues, data activists use data to uncover hidden patterns, reveal inequalities, and push for meaningful solutions.”

User Persona

Based on our user interviews and surveys, we were able to identify the common motivations and concerns of a total of 41 individuals. We have consolidated these insights into the creation of a User Persona.

    • Most of the people are considerably interested in environmental matters but have barely participated in any online or offline way of mobilisation.

    • The most concerning environmental issues are: pollution, food waste and energy source.

    • Most of people don’t think their governments are doing enough to address the climate crisis and feel there is a lot of secrecy when presenting data on environmental practices.

    • The majority of the interviewees are not aware of the goals of 2030 Paris Agenda but they would be interested in knowing more.

Problem Statement

After empathizing with users and crafting our User Persona, we were able to identify the central problem to address, which revolves around the majority of individuals not translating their environmental concerns into meaningful actions.

Brand Attributes

We carefully curated a set of brand attributes that serve as a guide to define the mood and values of the app. Our direct and bold approach appeals to a wide audience of environmentally-conscious individuals, driving them to take meaningful action.

Define and Ideate

Inspired by our Brand Attributes, we crafted a Moodboard to provide a visual reference and ignite the creative process for the application's art direction. Our vision is defined by a bold approach, emphasizing the presentation of direct and trustworthy information while driving social engagement.

The Prototype

After two weeks of dedicated effort, we were pleased to unveil the initial-stage prototype of the app, along with a landing page providing users access to information and the option to download the application.

In our commitment to our goal, we recognized the need for a clear and direct approach. As a result, we structured our app into two primary sections: one dedicated to providing users with direct and trustworthy information, and the other focused on offering resources to empower individual and collective citizen actions.

Next Steps

Considering the limited time we had for project development, we remain committed to implementing the features we envisioned in our prototype during the upcoming project phases.

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For a deeper dive into the process, I encourage you to read the Medium article on the project at the following link.

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