David Morley &
Davy Vandegaer —

They / Music Video

Official music video for the track 'They' by David Morley and Davy Vandegaer.

«Following the release of ‘Beings Of 6 Dimensions‘ last November, David Morley, Davy Vandegaer and record label Futurepast enlist video artist Pau Fuertes of to construct a visual narrative for the fractious opening track, ‘They‘.

Here, Morley and Vandegaer wielding of sound collides with the visual narrative from Z_Koncept to chart an invasion of the supernatural. While the music itself is certainly formed from the live-giving soil of dance music, this final form is not so much constructed from memetic forms of music and art, but a disturbance of the normal pouring through a rip in reality.

Sure, there are creepy music videos out there, flickering with unsettling images and set to dark-aura sounds — however, the marriage of Morley and Vandegaer’s track with Z_Koncept’s visual accompaniment seems to dislocate the entire piece from mere music just as it separates itself from the swathes of gloom-fetishising mundanity, placing it much closer to a direct missive from the Seven Circles, with none of the human pretention and all of the cosmic horror.

The colourful and the monochromatic blur into one as the images pour into the brain, arriving in the conscious mind as an impression more than an understanding of the event. The pastoral setting flickers by as red- and blue-daubed dancers move in increasingly disturbing and unnatural patterns: something is coming afterwards, something eluded to and not understood. One gets the impression this is for the best».

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Music by David Morley and Davy Vandegaer
Direction, edition and post-production by Pau Fuertes
Performed by Marion Kloker and Pau Fuertes
Filmed in Berlin and Rügen 2020

Format: 1280 × 720 px
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Duration: 6’18”

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